Glashutte Original Wristwatch

Glashutte Original PanoReserveMen that brag about owning a Rolex are the same men that like to show off their Bose stereo and Prada wallet. I myself own a vintage Rolex and as reliable as it is, its nothing to gush over. Here is a watch that you can flash at all the Roli wearing suckers, if you’re into that type of thing…The Glashutte Original.

“But it’s not Swiss made, it must be rubbish,” you say. Remember this, Swatch is Swiss made and you can buy one of those instead. But if you don’t want to look like a 12 year old Japanese schoolgirl, skip the Swatch and go for this German homage to watchmaking as craft. The offset main face and layout are striking, and the watch comes as the designer intended it to be worn, with an animal skin band. This watch makes a statement that is more Aston Martin than Ferrari: elegance, precision, and understated power.

The Glashutte will encourage you to smirk when rubes question why you didn’t go for a Rolex. “Glashutte? I’ve never heard of it.” Of course they haven’t. Cheeky.

Glashutte Original at Tourneau

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