Tom Dixon Lighting – Industrial, Modern, Fantastic!

Tom Dixon Beat Lights

Tom Dixon Beat Lights

We’ve been on hiatus for about 2 weeks while moving to our new industrial loft just outside of NYC.  I’ve been on the hunt for cool, light fixtures.  Tom Dixon’s lighting is a must have…

Available in four sizes, Tom Dixon’s beat lights were inspired by water carrying vessels.  A wonderful patina black on the outside and a hand beaten brass on the inside these fixtures can be mixed and matched to make wonderful configurations.

Available in the US through ABC Carpet and Home.


  1. Yeah, Tom’s lights are sweet and he’s been consistent for so long remember what he did back in ’97, the star lights and the stacked jack lights, quality. Hopefully there’ll be more at the exhibition he’s doing and the London design museum. There’s a ticket give away and their be other artists too. Have a look if you’re interested.


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