Tom Dixon – New Furniture Pieces Available in the US

Just received a Tom Dixon newsletter and I was pleased to find out that there are great new pieces from the line now available in the US.  I absolutely love the clean, industrial look - not too stark ... [Continue Reading]

Tom Dixon Upholstery – Love the Club Sofa

I've been working on decorating my new loft apartment so I have been out and about to see what's new out there in the decorating world.  I was please to find out that the Tom Dixon upholstery ... [Continue Reading]

Global Sustainable Design from Israel

Mesila's Booksham Buttons At Cheeky Living we're not only big fans of global design, but environmental design as well.  That's why we were pleased to find Mesila, an Israeli studio that ... [Continue Reading]

Out of the Ordinary Bath Decor

I came across a post on Apartment Therapy today about interesting bath decor featured on The Selby. It reminded me of a powder room I did recently.  The bathroom had black and white tile. To dress ... [Continue Reading]

Tom Dixon Lighting – Industrial, Modern, Fantastic!

We've been on hiatus for about 2 weeks while moving to our new industrial loft just outside of NYC.  I've been on the hunt for cool, light fixtures.  Tom Dixon's lighting is a must ... [Continue Reading]

Linn Classik

Quality of life and quality of sound are two of the most important issues for us at the Cheeky. Often, they are at odds with one another when we're contemplating a new sound rig for our new pad, but ... [Continue Reading]

Slimdevices Squeezebox Music Server

Things need not be expensive to be cheeky... it just happens to turn out that way most of the time. Here is one cheeky piece that is about the same price as a lowly iPod; the Slimdevices Squeezebox. ... [Continue Reading]

Apple MacBook Pro

I've had a Mac PowerBook G4 since the titanium versions came out in 2001, and now, I finally have a reason to upgrade. The MacBook Pro is a giant step for Apple with the switch to the Intel Core Duo ... [Continue Reading]

VPI Aries 2 Black Knight Turntable

My iPod sounds like listening to music in a tin can. This is a device of convenience (a role which it plays extremely well) rather than a music maker. For anyone that thinks that their iPod sounds ... [Continue Reading]

LaCie External 250GB Hard Drive Design by F.A. Porsche

Finally, you can have your own Porsche. I'm not talking about a 911 or the hot new Cayman. I'm talking about the stainless steel external hard-drive designed by the creatives at Porsche ... [Continue Reading]