Global Sustainable Design from Israel

Workshop Bissili Pole
Mesila’s Booksham Buttons

At Cheeky Living we’re not only big fans of global design, but environmental design as well.  That’s why we were pleased to find Mesila, an Israeli studio that specializes in sustainable design.

Based in Tel Aviv, and created by Shlomit Levy, Avital Levy and Ifat Zvirin, Mesila is a unique design studio that aims to influence people to live a more socially and environmentally responsible life by designing sustainable products. All of Mesila’s designers carefully choose their design materials using an eco-design strategy which minimizes their ecological footprint.

Instead of creating an infinite number of products, the designers at Mesila studio like to give the materials they use an infinite lifespan by taking old discarded materials and turning them into something new.

Siphone Seltzer Bottles
Cheeky Living’s Siphone Seltzer Bottles

At Cheeky Living, we’ve also been a fan of turning something old into something new. But this design process isn’t limited to the materials. We like to create items and environments that have a classic design. This way, our products can continue to be beautiful and fashionable year after year.

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