Hine Cognac

Hine Rare CognacIf you watch a lot of hip hop videos, you’d think Courvoisier might be our cognac of choice for cheeky lifestyle. Not so moFo. Here at the cheeky, we like the Hine. Forget that medicinal finish that some cognacs have, including the VSOP and XO Courvoisiers, Henneseys, and Remys. Hine is one smooth beverage. Leave that other stuff for the youngsters. This is the cognac Shaft or Superfly might have been sipping while flanked by a gaggle of fine ladies.

The bottle shape may remind you a little of Louis XIII, Remys ultra high end cognac, and its not inappropriate. This one is the class in the $40-$50 field. Great viscosity and a barely-sweet character balance the stiff alchohol content. Most cognacs have a darker pallette that is probably suited to cigars, a lifestyle we don’t practice here at the cheeky. This one is brighter in character and wine lovers, particularly fans of shiraz, may rediscover the possibilities and range that cognac can offer with the Hine.

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