Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon

Jim Beam Black Label BourbonSome folks seem to be confused as to what we’re exactly about here at the Cheeky. “Is it all about luxury and expensive items?” “Does being cheeky mean having status items like diamond-encrusted toilet paper?” Not at all we say. Cheekiness is about excellence. If excellence comes for free, we are happy to promote it. If the best Pinot Noir in the world costs 5 bucks, we would be fools not to drink it, and in fact, we would buy up the entire production run. Obviously, and not surprisingly, cheekiness generally costs a bit more than 5 bucks…

But how much more? In the case of Beam Black, not much more at all. Regularly found on sale for under 20 bucks a bottle, Beam Black has to be one of the best kept non-secrets in all the world. You can spend a fortune to drink a single malt Scotch that smells like tree bark, which we sometimes do here, but if you’re looking for a clean, ultrasmooth-tasting whiskey that will rival anything out there on the basis of sheer drinkability, try Jim’s best.

Made from corn in a select fashion, Beam Black takes the already tasty well-Beam to new levels. Velvety texture and a slight hint of corn sweetness will make you say ‘dad gummit’… just like Jim did when he cooked the first batch.

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