Le Creuset Double Burner Iron Grill

Le Creuset Double Burner Iron GrillAnimals are delicious. Let no one tell you different. Granted, the Cheeky staff may all be going for colonoscopies in five years time, but we love our grillin’. If you’ve been treating your meat to a lean, mean, teflon-coated grilling contraption, please stop reading immediately, as we can do nothing for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve recognized that any serious steakhouse or churrascaria uses heavy duty iron over an open flame, read on dear friend.

Le Creuset has been the professionals choice for soap-washable cast iron cookware for years. Unlike traditional cast iron wares, which still cook well, you can wash these in water without fear of rusting and without need for years of seasoning. While their double burner grill, with one ridged side and one flat, looks plain in appearance, the way it does meat is anything but. Ultra-robust conductivity and even heat distribution means potential for a perfectly seared steak. It may not be an open flame, but it’s about as close as your gonna get in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Cheeky note for beginners: You can make fajitas on the flat side and talk about boys while drinking fro mo’s at your next ‘Mexican Madness Monday’ party. Yippee, indeed.

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