At the New York Affordable Art Fair This Week

When I design an interior space for a client, in addition to furniture, wall color, flooring, fixtures, etc. art work is always a critical design element that I consider.   As an art enthusiast myself, an amazing painting, photograph or sculpture often takes center stage in my designs.

This week, I am collaborating with Raandesk Gallery of Art at the New York Affordable Art Fair.  We will be showing work from amazing artists from around the world including:  Juan Astica (Buenos Aires), Kevin Cyr (Brooklyn), Laura Viñas (Buenos Aires), Jihay Kang (NYC), Jason Bryant (NYC), and Teresa Pereda (Buenos Aires) to name a few.

Come visit us at Booth #D-101!

Juan Astica

Kevin Cyr

Laura Viñas

Jihay Kang

Jason Bryant

Teresa Pereda

Next week art and design will intersect at the opening of a show I’ve curated Art & Living: Emerging Interiors. The show is a collaboration between myself, Raandesk Gallery of Art and LEPERE showroom.  I’ll post more about the upcoming show as we get closer!

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