Inman Family Winery: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

If you have the chance to go to Sonoma,  you must stop by Inman Family Winery. Located in Santa Rosa, their wines are not only delicious, but their practice of eco-ethics makes this winery a definite winner in my book.

I was lucky enough to speak with Kathleen Inman, the owner about the number of different ways they practice sustainability at their winery:

-Nearly all of the steel used to make the primary frame of the building is from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials such as old automobiles.  The building is also fabricated in California, reducing transportation energy costs.

-Paint on the exterior as well as caulks and adhesives are all low VOC.  Interior paints are zero-VOC.

-The wall and ceiling sandwich panels have high insulation values resulting in the elimination of air conditioning requirements.  LED lights as used as well.

-The bulding is solar powered providing approximately 98% of their energy requirement.

-All gray water, both winery process waste water and water from kitchen, bathroom and tasting room will be recycled and available for reuse in the vineyard.

-Use of extremely low water use ADA compliant toilets as well as faucets which are water savers and lead free for California.

-Flooring and countertops are made from post consumer recycled materials such as cork, rubber, pottery and glass.  The tasting bar is made from used wine bottles from the SF bay area.

-There is an electric vehicle charging station on-site for guests to charge their electrical vehicle from their solar power while visiting the vineyard.

Plus, their OGV Pinot Noir is simply delicious.  This is a highly recommended stop if you have the chance to stop by.

Inman Family Winery

3900 Piner Road

Santa Rosa, CA



  1. I love Kathleen and her wines and I applaud her for her giant eco-efforts and her wonderful wine.

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