66 Degrees North Winter Outerwear

66 Degrees NorthYou would reckon that Icelanders know a thing about being comfortable in cold weather. The winter near the top of the world features long nights that almost go for a full 24 hours. And yet, despite this lack of solar heat and its cheery effect, Icelanders are some of the most pleasant people you are likely to meet with the exception of that brooding Bjork character. Maybe, it’s the gear?

Warm extremeties make for happy Icelandies, at least thats what we think here at the Cheeky. 66 Degrees North, designed in Iceland and manufactured abroad, makes some of the smartest winter threads around. Forget those odd graphics you normally associate with ski-wear (no spiders or yellow lightning bolts here), 66 is about clean lines, crisp cuts, and well thought out application of technology. All this adds up to warmth that can handle biting cold with aplomb and without making you look like a nose-dripping Michelin man.

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