Ascot Chang Custom Shirts

Ascot Chang Custom ShirtsWhat is the hallmark of the young rube… just out of college, first job in a suit, eager to show he belongs with the hitters? Ill fitting, designer clothes. The other day I was at a restaurant in downtown Manhattan watching two fools bragging about their Armani suits. Nothing wrong with Armani, but in life, as in basketball, it’s about sound fundamentals. A poorly tailored suit from any brand will look sloppy compared to a no-name suit recut to fit like a glove by a master. The same holds true for shirts and, as shirts are closer to the body, the rewards of proper tailoring are doubled when it comes to comfort.

The master in question here is Ascot Chang. It has long been known to international travelers that Hong Kong has some of the best tailoring this side of Saville Row. The Brit influence is obvious from the classic, fitted cut to the attention to detail in critical areas like the collar and cuffs. As a gentleman’s shirtmaker for over 50 years, Ascot Chang is quietly worn by some of the cheekiest players in the world. With roots in the Saville Row tailoring tradition of Hong Kong, these made-to-measure shirts fit perfectly and give you a crisp look that reeks of cheekiness (be careful not to believe your own hype).

Patterns and grades of fabric are plentiful. You can start out with custom fitted digs for a reasonable entry and as you get accustomed to better living, save up for an order of shirts in some of their cheekier styles. Be sharp. Always.

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