Paul Stuart Wool Trousers

Paul Stuart TrousersHere at the Cheeky, we reminisce of a time when men’s pants looked like they belonged on men. The 2000s have brought an odd aesthetic of the ‘metrosexual’ male. Tight jeans with flaps on the pockets paired with shirts so tight they almost look like women’s crop tops. This is not sexy at the Cheeky. We no like.

Let us tell you how the Cheeky does it; old school without the stuffiness. Back in the days when the classic playboys of Great Gatsby roamed the earth, fabrics were luxurious and cuts were generous while still being perfectly tailored. Paul Stuart Clothing embodies this commitment to the classic American aesthetic… days gone by when khakis and a blue shirt would get you a request for a shoe shine.

They’re still doing pants like they’ve always done pants, the gentleman’s way. No problems in the crotch here, Paul Stuart makes sure you stay comfortable while looking sharp. So the next time you see your mate squirming around in his made-for-lady jeans, you can laugh at him and give him a quarter to wax up your loafers.

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