Sorel Caribou Boots

Sorel Caribou BootsStaying warm during the winter months is about planning. We at the Cheeky have no sympathy for suckers who refuse to be prepared for the inevitable snow and slush. There are a few states exempt from this, but even a robust dousing of cold rain will make you wish you had done your feet right. No time to be a fashion model when it’s ten below and your toes are green. It’s time for the Caribou.

Sorel’s signature winter boot is rated to -40 degrees fahrenheit. That’s plenty extreme for most of the metros that read these posts. Let’s face it, you won’t be hitting 40 below while testing Kiehl’s samplers at Nordstroms, but you’ll be warm none the less, Fancyboy.

Caribou is ugly to the point of being stylish in a utilitarian way. For men, it’s a no brainer. For ladies? Well, you heard it here first… Caribou is the new Ugg (we’re probably not right about this, but we don’t care).

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