Raandesk Gallery’s ART2GIFT™ Program

With Mother’s Day coming up, Art makes the perfect gift for that special someone.  Raandesk Gallery’s  ART2Gift™ program is a wonderful curated collected of art pieces – all under $500.  Here’s a sample of what they have to offer.  For more information go to Raandesk Gallery’s Art2Gift Program.

1.  Cup #2 by Andrew Maglathlin, $20

2.  Magnolia #4 by Laura Viñas, $500

3.  Ear-Hear-Heart by Jihay Kang, $250

4. April 3rd (2009) by Juan Astica, $37

5.  Terra (2009) by Teresa Pereda, $350

For more information go to Raandesk Gallery.

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