Midwest Airlines – All Business Class

Midwest AirlinesWe’re not making any accusations, but JetBlue may have been paying attention to a certain all-leather-seat airline when it was putting its schtick together. Midwest Airlines, which runs routes to and through the midwestern states, has been doing all business class for years. Priced somewhere between traditional business class and coach, Midwest serves luxuries like lobster and filet mignon on its flights. All business class means wider seats, not just leather-clad coach seats, and a level of service that reminds you of the days when over half the industry wasn’t bankrupt.

If you’re flying to places like Chicago or Milwaukee for business, and your firm allows you to use them, we highly recommend. The fact that they call their fleet the “Signature Service” jets should tell you something. The fact that they bake chocolate chip cookies on board should close the deal. This is flying the old school way. Proper.

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