Make Your Own Soda Water at Home

SodaStream PenguinAt Cheeky Living, we’re big into drinking soda – not the sweet stuff like Coke or Sprite, but plain soda water.  Usually, we mix in a little raw sugar and lime wedges to come up with a refreshing citrus beverage.  This is great for when the weather gets warmer so give it a try.

Since we starting to go through those 1 liter soda bottles like crazy, we figured there must be a more economical and environmentally friendly way to consume carbonated water.  We did some search online and discovered SodaStream, the makers of several different styles of home soda makers.

We decided to go with the SodaStream Penguin which features a stylish soda machine and two glass carafes with screwable rubber stoppers.  Carbonating your own water is a snap, and you can experiment with how much fizz you want.  All it takes is a few presses of the soda machine lever, and the your regular water is instantly carbonated.

A single carbonator canister can make 60 or 110 liters of soda depending on size, and once it’s empty, it can be easily returned for a refill.  This is a great way to enjoy soda without all the waste and lugging around bottles or cans.

Check out SodaStream, if you’re interested in carbonating your own drinks at home.  If you’re interested in other devices related to carbonated beverages, check out Cheeky Living’s selection of vintage seltzer bottles.  They make great gifts and are a stylish accessory for the home.


  1. Plus the fantastic popping sound from the soda machine adds a satisfying little thrill to the experience. Love it!

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