Buenos Aires – Best Restaurants


Las Cholas - Photo taken from Guia Oleo.

Las Cholas - Photo taken from Guia Oleo.

Here is a list of restaurants that I always visit whenever I return to Buenos Aires.  (Not in any particular order)  Portenos tend to eat very late – usually they do not arrive until 11 pm, often dining until 11 am.  At some of these restaurants, be prepared to wait…..

Its very hard to find a bad restaurant in Buenos Aires – although I would generally stay away from Sushi. No matter what any Argentine tells you – their sushi is not the same as what we have in NY. Generally, seafood is not as good and clean as elsewhere, unless you’re in one of the more upscale restaurants. Empanadas, sandwich migas, alfajores (Havana has the best) can be found in cafes, bakeries (panaderias, confiterias).

Casa Cruz If you want a real night on the town, go here.  Expensive but top notch.  Call ahead for a reservation.  Uriarte 1658.  (4833-1112)

Green Bamboo – Great kitschy bar, fantastic drinks and decent asian fusion food (mostly Vietnamese) which is hard to find in BA.  Costa Rica 5802.  (4775-7050)

Las Cholas – very reasonable parilla – all the young argentines go here. If you’re going – ask for the Gran Bife Las Cholas – the mother of all steak, potato, egg, proveleta dishes. Cheap and good. They don’t take reservations so I generally go around 9:30pm to void having to wait.  They do not take reservations.  Arce 306.

Las Cabanas Las Lilas – great steak/food, but it’s about 2x as expensive as other almost-as-good places. If you’re going to a business dinner and need to impress an foreigner, etc. you go here. Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516 (4313-1336)

·La Cabrera and La Cabrera Norte – The # 1 parrilla in all of Buenos Aires. It’s a bit touristy and more expensive than other parillas but still the best and worth it. I don’t eat any more beef when I am in NY because no place compares to La Cabrera. They don’t take reservations – so go early, there is always a wait but well worth it.  Cabrera 5099.  (4831-7002)

·Sirop Folie – In Recoleta – best brunch. Be sure to go with lots of time on your ends, you will leave stuffed.  Dinner is also really good here.   Vicente Lopez 1661 Local 12.  (4813-5900)

·CLUNY – One my favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires – I make sure to go everytime I am in town. Great 3 course lunch specials. Last time I was there, I had the grilled salmon and it had just arrived from Mar del Plata moments before it was grilled and on my plate. The pate is also to die for.  El Salvador 4618 (4831-7176)

·Bar 6 – Excellent place for lunch or dinner. Hip, inexpensive good food. Free Wifi.  Armenia 1676 (4833.6807)

·Mark’s Deli – Great place for lunch – great salads, sandwiches and excellent lemonade. Free Wifi. Great place to work, read the paper.  El Salvador 4701.

·Burzako – Wonderful food from the Basque region in Spain.  Located in San Telmo.  Mexico 345.  (4334-0721)

·Petanque – located in San Telmo, this wonderful french restaurant has some of the best steak tartare I have ever had.  Reservations Recommended.  Defensa 596.  (4342-7930)

·Nectarine – In Recoleta, this restaurants romantic setting is a must for a special occasion.  Food and wine are top notch.  Vincente Lopez 1661.  (4813 6993)

Ice Cream:

Persicco is the best. Well, my favorite ice cream place is actually Venezia on Godoy Cruz and Beruti but it is not a chain. Favorite Flavors: Chocolate Amargo (Dark Chocolate), Durazno (Peach), Dulce de Leche & Sabayon.


  1. Tex Duncan says:

    So sad… this is about 3 weeks too late for us.

    We did enjoy our meal at La Cabrera (and closed them down for the evening) and especially enjoyed the tasting menu at Pura Tierra… a most excellent culinary tour of Argentina and at US$55/person after the wine pairings, a tad expensive for Argentina but a terrific price in our mind.

  2. Hmmm. I will have to try Pura Tierra next time I head down…. which will hopefully be in exactly 2 months! Can’t wait.


  3. Barbara G. Winslow says:

    Karen, my girlfriend and I had dinner here last night, and really enjoyed it. This part of town is always lively, and haven’t had a bad meal there–La Fonda del Polo, across the street, is also excellent.

  4. Thanks Barbara for your comments. I just had dinner at Las Cabras and a great italian restaurants called Arte de Mafia this weekend and both are excellent. They’re two new restaurants that have opened down here since I wrote this post.

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