Leica M6 Rangefinder Camera

If you're a photography purist, you can look at the whole digital thing as blasphemy or as functional evolution. Here at cheekyliving, we've resolved ourselves to straddle the fence. For ... [Continue Reading]


At cheekyliving, we take lifestyle seriously, and we especially take airplane lifestyle seriously. If we know we need to take a plane to get to our next cheeky destination, then our first stop is ... [Continue Reading]

Slimdevices Squeezebox Music Server

Things need not be expensive to be cheeky... it just happens to turn out that way most of the time. Here is one cheeky piece that is about the same price as a lowly iPod; the Slimdevices Squeezebox. ... [Continue Reading]

Apple MacBook Pro

I've had a Mac PowerBook G4 since the titanium versions came out in 2001, and now, I finally have a reason to upgrade. The MacBook Pro is a giant step for Apple with the switch to the Intel Core Duo ... [Continue Reading]

VPI Aries 2 Black Knight Turntable

My iPod sounds like listening to music in a tin can. This is a device of convenience (a role which it plays extremely well) rather than a music maker. For anyone that thinks that their iPod sounds ... [Continue Reading]

Kershaw Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife

If you really want to step up your knife game in the kitchen, then check out the Shun Chef's Knife designed by Ken Onion. 16 layers of Damascus steel have been pressed together for your slicing and ... [Continue Reading]

Glashutte Original Wristwatch

Men that brag about owning a Rolex are the same men that like to show off their Bose stereo and Prada wallet. I myself own a vintage Rolex and as reliable as it is, its nothing to gush over. Here is ... [Continue Reading]

James Hotel, Scottsdale, AZ

Phoenix is a bit of LA-lite in the middle of the desert. No Faux Angeles would be complete without a mod concept hotel complete with sexy staffers and equally cheeky clientele. In what looks like a ... [Continue Reading]

LaCie External 250GB Hard Drive Design by F.A. Porsche

Finally, you can have your own Porsche. I'm not talking about a 911 or the hot new Cayman. I'm talking about the stainless steel external hard-drive designed by the creatives at Porsche ... [Continue Reading]

Grado RS2 Headphones

Not quite as common as the ubiquitous white iPod headphones, scores of hipster types have covered their androgynous locks with black plastic headphones from Grado. These 'cans', as they're referred ... [Continue Reading]