Going Vintage is a Great Way to go Eco-Friendly at Home

Practicing “Eco-Friendly” home decorating doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your home.  My approach is that every little bit counts which includes reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.  For example, buying a vintage coffee table as opposed to a new one will reduce the number of trees being cut down and reduce the volume of waste in landfills.  Who needs a new vase to hold beautiful flowers when you can use something with a little piece of history.

The definition of “vintage” is anything more than 20 years old and and “antique” is anything more than 100 years old.  Two things to consider:  If its painted before 1978 the paint may contain lead which is harmful to small children.  You can overcome this by having the piece sealed but this may alter its look and/or feel.

So go ahead, start by going through the things you have to re-purpose, re-use and then head to your local vintage shop for your next fabulous find!

Framed subway sign available at Object Mythology.

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