2 Quechua Girls, 8000 Miles, Cusco to Santa Fe

Cheeky Living has a history of working with Quechua weavers to produce our line of baby alpaca products.  It is important that our textiles, which are at the core of our business, are produced in an ... [Continue Reading]

My Favorite Things at ICFF this Year

This year's ICFF has a wide range of interesting items on display.  Here are my favorites: 1.  Limited Edition Rugs - Wonderful textures and colors, this Belgian Rug Manufacturer has created ... [Continue Reading]

Make Your Own Soda Water at Home

At Cheeky Living, we're big into drinking soda - not the sweet stuff like Coke or Sprite, but plain soda water.  Usually, we mix in a little raw sugar and lime wedges to come up with a refreshing ... [Continue Reading]